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In business Image Is Everything. Having excellent photos is one aspect of creating your top-class image but how do you present the photos and get your message across in a clear, attractive and striking manner?

With our extensive knowledge gained from photography and imaging, Image & Nature knows what looks good, feels right and works visually. Image & Nature has evolved our own simple but effective design style. From designing flyers and posters for marketing campaigns to entire websites, we analyse research and test every little detail to come up with an eye catching design.

We can work within your brand, helping you maintain the standards that you have developed, and the public know. With a trusted network of Graphic Designers, Printers, Copywriters, Agencies and Web-Developers we can also ensure that your brand evolves as you wish it to. What ever you want Image & Nature is a One Stop Shop for all your imaging needs.

So when you book Image & Nature to take your photos why not kill two birds with one stone, save yourself time and money, and also ask about I&N Design.

These days well designed flyers, brochures and posters are now an essential part of most marketing campaigns. They can be found everywhere, from your local bar and cinema to high class hotel lobbies.

All have to be well designed and the photography for them is critical. Image & Nature love to produce images that people want, either by commission or from our growing stock library. We will design brochures and posters to be proud of and flyers that literally fly off the shelf…


You have a business? You NEED a web-presence!

It's as simple as that. Even if it's a single page with your contact details and a catchy Domain Name the majority of people are now doing a large amount of their business on the web and you must keep up!

Image & Nature can arrange everything for you from the simplest one pager to an entire e-commerce enabled site. We know what works, what doesn't and what the major pitfalls are that most have-a-go designers fall into.

Image & Nature's own website is a great example of the way we like to work. It's a simple site with a simple look but even with 120+ pages and over 2,000 images it is easy to maintain and navigate. There is room to expand as we do and flashy forms, graphics and rollovers are only used where they add to the functionality.

We are responsible and mature web-designers and promise not to use annoying pop-ups, music, time-consuming Flash Movies or 'Under Construction' signs unless you really want us to!

Image Image Image - I think we've covered how important it is already but how are you going to maintain your image and help people remember you?

Branding is essential in creating and maintaining a memorable logo, attractive letterheads and stationery.

Image & Nature's talented network of designers will provide your business with a complete package of logos, stationery templates and even arrange all the implementation and printing for you at competitive prices.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of design work Image & Nature will need to know the exact details of your project before providing an accurate and firm quote. Please contact us or arrange a meeting.

- prices on application. Starting from £90 for a simple poster design.
WEB - prices on application. Single pages start from £80 (domain registration, hosting and maintenance not included).
BRANDING - prices on application. Basic logo packages start from £130

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